Specialization in Natural Language Processing

Specializations Include:
Meta Data
Entity Extraction
Content Management
Social Network Analysis
Large Language Models
Digital Asset Management
Cloud and Grid Computing (HPC)
Leverage Implicit and Explicit Knowledge
Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics
Domain Representations (e.g. Taxonomies)


Our offering targets a solution-based approach to help companies benefit from Generative AI without needing to become experts

Unique Models

LLama3 / Mistral

We support literally thousands of open source models and will help you select the perfect one.

Cost Control

Budget Based 

You know all costs in advance.

Information Safety

Data Sovereignty

Stay in control of your information at all times. It never leaves our enclave or your control.


Customized Data

We can improve foundation models with multiple embedding models, RAG, fine tuning, all / any python libraries, 

Confidence and Maturity

Our personal attention and our control from top to bottom

Model Drift


What works today, will continue to work tomorrow, you cannot ensure that unless you run your own

VPN Access 

Encrypted end to end 

We architected, deployed and own all the equipment. Our service begins at the internet connection.  

Segmented Resources

Delegated Resource

Your virtual machines are not shared like typical cloud multi-tenant environments, 

Access to Expertise

Ronald P. Reck

All work is performed by or under the direction of a computational linguist and security veteran

Literally Wrote the Book on Linux Security

Security is the allocation of resource to mitgate risk,  I can assist you make the best decisions in this area


Amazon since the start

Amazon Web Services become available  in 2006. By September of 2006 I paid my first AWS bill. 

AWS Marketplace

The Predictive Analytics Framework became available on January 21, of 2015. It has been in 22 countries and 5 continents.

AWS Data Marketplace

I have offered over a dozen different commercial data sets on the AWS Data Marketplace. and can help you do so too.

Contact information

Please contact RRECKTEK by email


Fairfax VA  20124